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The Booking Book for tonight’s extravaganza! First and Hope. 710 w 1st St. 90012. If you have yet to join us at this venue it is so intimate, swanky and comfortable. In the mini plaza across from the back side of Disney Hall. 10 minutes from Silverlake. Spring is springing!

Sunday! 4/6! Wild ladies! Benevolent Gentlemen! Well dressed musicians! Artivist comedians! Soul stirring guitars! Dog loving humans! Sting Awakenings! Sweaters! Growing up interns! The Sweater King! Kate Walsh! Rebecca Corry! Jenny Davis! Sam Morrow! Kira Soltanovich! #instauncab #uci #dtla #dtela #acrossfromdisneyhall 10 minutes from silverlake. No traffic on #sunday. #intimate #comedy #music

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